IT Project and Program Leadership

“Nothing is more constant than change” – which is certainly even more relevant in IT as a cross-functional domain than in many other areas. It is therefore key that IT possesses robust program and project management capabilities and change can be planned – also by the business as a client of the IT domain.

The pyramid on the right depicts what my understanding of IT program and project management capabilities refer to.

All levels of this pyramid, plus an additional program and change architecture, i.e. the methods, skills and design elements that work across all levels are, in my opinion, necessary for a reliably implementation of strategic decisions.

I can support you in various manners in this topic: I can conduct a “health check” on your project organization or on specific projects or programs from neutral ground and as a “third pair of eyes”. I can work as a coach and extend the project related skills of your organization. And last but not least: I can act as a interims manager and manage projects or programs for you.

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