IT Sourcing Advisory

My service offering “IT Sourcing Advisory” covers all phases that a company goes through when obtaining IT services from an external partner.

This sourcing lifecycle typically spans across 5 + 1 phases – from the initial definition of strategic parameters through preparation of the tender (RfI, RfP), contract negotiations, management of the transition to coaching the retained organization or vendor management organization. In addition, I offer assessments of the actual service delivery or the contract as a starting point for optimizing the service relationship.

Sourcing Phase Model

Why should you hire me?

In contrast to many other areas in consulting, one thing is key in sourcing advisory: Experience … “been there, done that”.

I have advised clients through all the phases of the sourcing lifecycle described above – also in interaction with all major IT service providers. I have “walked the talk” and seen the results of initial strategic decision once the contact has become effective. I know “what works” and what does not.

I was involved in sourcing projects with a 10-digit € contract volume, but also advised small startups with fewer than 150 employees. I found pragmatic solutions for innovative companies, but also advised highly regulated corporations, e.g. from the financial sector.

At which point in the sourcing lifecycle is your company? Contact me and let’s talk about the value I can add in your situation.

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