Outsourcing Contract Assessment

If important regulations are missing in an outsourcing contract, this can lead to unpleasant (and sometimes expensive) consequences over the term of the contract.

In my experience, this affects less the primarily legal regulations – in most cases, sufficient legal expertise was involved prior contract signature. Rather, I have seen numerous examples in my consulting practice in which outsourcing specialist expertise was insufficiently considered in the contract.

Are you about to sign an outsourcing contract? Or are you already receiving services through an outsourcing contract and are asking yourself questions such as the following:

  • Why do my users complain about poor service, although all service levels are achieved (“green”)?
  • Why are defects not being resolved?
  • Why am I paying more for the services than originally forecasted?
  • How do I deal with fluctuation and loss of knowledge at my service provider?
  • When will I finally see the promised innovations?

If you ask yourself these questions – or if you want to avoid asking yourself these or similar questions after signing the contract – you should think about an external and independent assessment of your contract or draft contract.

In the many years of my consulting practice, I have analyzed countless outsourcing contracts and have distilled a set of “best practices”. Contact me for an independent assessment of your contract – also at a fixed price.

(Note: this does not include a legal review, but an assessment with regard to outsourcing “best practices”).

The following dimensions can for example be the subject of my assessment:

  • Service and process optimization
  • Service demarcations
  • Service level
  • Pricing model and cost improvement
  • Bonus / malus regulations
  • Acceptance processes and quality management
  • Reporting
  • Change management process
  • Regulations for subcontractor
  • Regulations for termination support (Exit)
  • Obligation and in particular customer obligations
  • Transition
  • Transformation

Contact me and let’s talk about the value I can add in your situation.

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